Add a variety of attachment types to store items including products, news, blogs, categories, and manufacturers.


Introducing our advanced attachment management plugin for nopCommerce, designed to enhance your online store's functionality and convenience. With this plugin, you can easily add attachments to your shop item including products, news, blogs, categories, and manufacturers, providing your customers with more detailed information about your offerings.

Our plugin allows you to attach a single file to multiple products, saving you time and effort. Additionally, it supports direct upload to your store's host, as well as automatic fetching of file names and sizes from attachment links. You can also set start and end dates for attachments, and limit visibility to specific customer roles.

With multi-store support, you can manage attachments across multiple stores from a single dashboard. You can even attach files to group products and track downloads to gauge customer interest.

Our plugin is fully customizable to match your store's theme, and comes with a file preview feature for image files in the admin area. Plus, you can export and import attachments for easy backup and migration.

Upgrade your store's attachment management capabilities with our nopCommerce plugin today and offer your customers a better shopping experience!



    - Add attachment to product catalog page.

- Add atachments to News, Blog, Category, Manufacturers

    - Attach a single attachment to multiple products.
    - Automatically fetch file name and file size from attachment link.
    - Multi-store support.
    - Limit attachment visibility to specific roles
    - Support direct upload to store host.
    - Support downloads count.
    - Add start and end date for attachments.
    - Themable (allowing you to design a custom view on your own store theme).
    - Support group product attachment.
    - Review all attachments on every single entity type edit page.
    - File preview for image files in admin area.
    - Export and import.