Discover a wide range of nopCommerce extensions designed to enhance your online store's functionality and performance. With easy installation and seamless integration, you'll be able to quickly and easily improve your store's functionality and user experience.

Choose from a variety of categories, including system management, marketing, and more, and take your online business to new heights.

  • Marketing Automation Tool

    This marketing automation module allows you to automate some common marketing activities. At its core, it has a very flexible workflow engine and a designer that is completely integrated with nopCommerce and you can automate many of the marketing tasks. Using automated marketing campaigns and a unique set of tools, this plugin streamlines the management of your store while saving you time and effort.
  • Occasional Effects

    With this widget, you can make your store more alive with incredible animation effect in your online store
  • Workflows

    This plugin provides a workflow designer and engine so you can automate many things in your store
  • Smart Related Products

    this plugin can find, offer, and auto-assign related products, causing to reduce a considerable amount of admin work by handling related products continuously
  • Infinite Scroll

    With Infinite Scroll, your customers can navigate through your products more easily and with fewer page refreshes.
  • OpenAI Product Description Generator

    Generate your product description using AI-generated descriptions through the API provided by the creator of ChatGPT(OpenAI)
  • WriteSonic Product Description Generator

    Make your product description writing more productive and SEO optimized using the AI-generated description provided by WriteSonic.
  • Attachments

    Add a variety of attachment types to store items including products, news, blogs, categories, and manufacturers.