Smart Related Products

this plugin can find, offer, and auto-assign related products, causing to reduce a considerable amount of admin work by handling related products continuously


Attracting the customer’s attention to your product page is a key task in the e-Commerce business. Correctly done, the customer is interested in your products and wants to buy it. But how to improve the selling and increase the purchases? That’s when the Smart Related Products extension shows up in the nick of time. The Smart Related Products extension lets you assign the related products to several products simultaneously. Related products will be assigned according to the score that is calculated considering properties of the product. The related products can be assigned in by manually selecting from suggested list or automatically. Showing related products will definitely help your customers browse through the store and buy only necessary and relevant products. By using our Smart Related Products extension you are definitely increasing the order value and order size.

Smart Related Products Features:

- Offer scored similar products to add manually in admin product catalog related products

- Automatically add most similar products to related products

- Automatically remove out of stock products from related products

- Allow you to customize repetition ranking score on product info such as:  Categories, Manufacturers, Tags, and Specifications


Whether you're a small business owner or an enterprise, the nopPlus Smart Related Products module is an excellent addition to your nopCommerce store that can drive growth and improve customer experience by simplifying your task for adding related products.